Quality, as a priority

We have strong Quality procedures in place.

It allows us to maintain compliance standards in line with the most demanding needs of our clients.

  • We are constantly improving the way we perform and the services we offer.
  • We offer full traceability to our clients on their orders, from the sourcing of raw materials to final delivery.
  • We design comprehensive plans and suggest suitable materials based on our clients’ needs.

Our Quality equipment:

  • Three 3D quality control machines (two motorised MITUTOYO, including one with scanning device, and one manual MITUTOYO),
  • One TESA P40 optical control machine,
  • Two MITUTOYO shapes and contours control devices,
  • One MITUTOYO laser device allowing to make measurements as precise as 0.3m,
  • One video monitoring and measuring system.

We co-develop

To make the parts you need, our methods office can design and create tailored manufacturing tools. We can also develop robotic stations to load and unload machines.