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A décolleteurs’ family since the 19th century

Paris-Savoie Industries finds its origins in the Vuarchx Cesar factories which were founded in 1868. They brought metal machining in the Arve Valley.

César opened a small workshop in Scionzier which had 10 employees. His main business consisted in making metal parts designed to engrave combs made of horn from Oyonnax.

Around 1882, César started to make screws for electrical equipment and telephones.

In 1885, he opened a second workshop which had 30 employees. The lathes operated in this second workshop were moved by water turbines located in the Foron, the local river.

In 1902, he launched automotive accessories as he invented the system of inner tube valve with double closure.

Married to Marie Tournier and father of 13 children, he gave birth to a large progeny of décolleteurs.

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Ets Vve Vuarchex César

  • After César’s death, and the engagement of his family in the war, his widowed wife and five of his sons continued his business which then counted 60 employees. They invested in automatic lathes to answer the growing needs of the automotive and aviation industries.
In 1921 their mother died and the children started their own business

On the picture : Marcel Vuarchex

  • 1922 to 1928 : Vuarchex frères “Ets Foron décolletage” (by Marcel Vuarchex, César’s son)
  • 1934 to 1956 : “Usine du Haut Foron” (Marcel Vuarchex and his sons, Georges et Henri)
Birth of Paris-Savoie Industries

On the top picture : Georges and Aline Vuarchex, with their three children, Agathe, Maurice and Jacqueline, and on the far right, Marcel Vuarchex.

  • 1956 : Separation of Georges and Henri.
    Georges (Marcel Vuarchex’s son) and Aline Vuarchex, his wife, founded Paris-Savoie Industries in 1956. They established their business rue des Berges, Scionzier.
Paris-Savoie Industries separation
  • Creation of SUMAP in Scionzier, by Agathe Vuarchex, wife of Georges Richardt.
Paris-Savoie Industries in the 80s and 90s

  • The company was then headed by Lucien Goy, his wife Jacqueline Vuarchex, and their son Denis Goy.
Paris-Savoie Industries moved from Scionzier

  • Today, the company is led by Pierre Baccon and Denis Goy. Pierre Baccon is married to Georges’ and Aline’s granddaughter, Valérie.