Our machinery

CNC turning

  • Deco 2000 workshop: 
    consists of towers with a capacity of up to 32mm. Our Deco 2000 machines are equipped with all available options (high pressure pumps and long parts device).
  • Large diameters turning workshop: equipped with 10 digitally controlled lathes offering numerous machining possibilities (milling, polygonage, etc.). Paris-Savoie completes its offering by using robotics. The machines (from MORI-SEIKI) have a capacity of up to 300 mm with a power reserve allowing the production of parts made of previously treated materials.
  • MULTISWISS digital multi-pin machine equipped with 6 pins working diameters of up 32mm.

Transfer machining

We have developed a department using transfer machining for mass production. It is composed of:

  • 7 HYDROMAT machines which a capacity going from 25 to 40 mm which include measuring devices allowing us to guarantee 100% of our products.
  • 1 MIKKRON machine with ten working stations and loading and control robots.


Paris-Savoie developed its milling offering in small, medium and large series.

  • Composed of 11 machines with a capacity of up to 500mm x 500mm x 500mm, equipped with high-speed spindles, high-pressure pumps and a high-capacity tool shop.



To keep a close link with our past history and the origins of our work, we have kept four traditional automatic lathes. They can work diameters from 20 to up to 80 mm and answer our client’s needs when it comes to producing various mechanical parts at lower costs.


We have integrated grinding operations in our production to have full control over the manufacturing of our parts.

  • 10 grinding machines
  • 2 lapping machines